Comm~unity: book release

Comm~unity: book release

8. June 2020 Off By Raul Gschrey

Comm~unity. From a place to live to a shared neighbourhood. Urban development in dialogue with its various residents

Publishing House Garant, ISBN: 9789044137521 Pages: 167 Price : € 26,50

Authors: Greet De Brauwere, Tine Vanthuyne, An Lescrauwaet,  and Jolijn De Haene; Photos: B-Art Photography, Greet De Brauwere, An Lescrauwaet, Tine Vanthuyne and Jolijn De Haene; Translation Dutch version: Verlingua, Sven De Visscher, Tine Vanthuyne and Greet De Brauwere

English version will be released this summer (€ 28,00)