Course Material


Open access to course material of the U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons prepared by the participating lecturers and institutions.



(Sandra Bos & Andrew Switzer)

Introduction: U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons. In this webinar we answer the following questions: What is U!reka? What are the definition and characteristics of urban commons? How are they linked to the SDG’s? By Sandra Bos (Amsterdam UAS). (Available here)

Input: Urban Commons: Collaborative Governance in Amsterdam (Part 1). The webinar is about why the commons should be used as a form of collaborative governance? By Sandra Bos (Amsterdam UAS). (Available here)

Input: Commons as a Research Method (Resilio) (Part 2) is discussed in the webinar by Andrew Switzer (Amsterdam UAS). (Available here)

Urban Commons in Practice: Amsterdam (Plein ’40-’45). Interview with researcher Joachim Meerkerk about Plein 40-45 in Amsterdam Nieuw West by Sandra Bos (Amsterdam UAS).



(Raul Gschrey, Angelika Plümmer, Petra Schwerdtner & Jutta Stocksiefen)


Input: U!REKA City Tour through Frankfurt by Petra Schwerdtner, film & editing: Mascha Dämkes. Use the CC button for English subtitles.


Urban Commons in Practice: Oha! Open House of Cultures, Frankfurt. Practice example from Frankfurt on an urban commons initiative that wants to preserve the former House of the students association as an open, self-organised place for cultural and political groups and activities and the citizens of the quarter and city. Interviews with Lothar Augustin & Michaela Filla-Raquin. Video & Editing: Raul Gschrey (Frankfurt UAS).


Urban Commons in Practice: Netzwerk Frankfurt für Gemeinschaftliches Wohnen / Frankfurt’s Network for Communal Living, Angelika Plümmer (Frankfurt UAS).




(Greet de Brauewere, An Lescrauweat & Tine Vanthuyne)

Input: From place to shared neighborhood. Urban development in dialogue. The webinar introduces the concept of shared neighborhoods. By Greet de Brauwere and Tine Vanthuyne (HOGENT).


Urban Commons in Practice: Boerenhof, Ghent. The video  is about the Boerenhof, a case study that figures as an exemple for an urban gardening project. By Greet de Brauwere, An Lescrauweat & Tine Vanthuyne (HOGENT).



(Kaisa Kanerva)

Input: Experentalism in Helsinki and Espoo. This video is about urban commons initiatives in Helsinki and Espoo (Finland) in which experimentalism has been utilized. By Kaisa Kanerva (Metropolia Helsinki).

Input: The National and Urban Context. The webinar is about The National and Urban Context. By Kaisa Kanerva (Metropolia Helsinki).