BIP: Just City

BIP: Just City

23. May 2024 0 By Raul Gschrey
The “Just City” concept on the example of a socially excluded locality in Ostrava

The issue of the fair societal organisation is the subject of theoretical discussions in social sciences and humanities, as well as political discussions in practice. The Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava has prepared a Blended Intensive Programme (“BIP”) for students of social work, social policy, social geography, urban planning, teaching, and other related study programmes on the topic of Just City using an example of a socially excluded locality in Ostrava.

The Just City concept is based on the belief that ethnicity, space, and place significantly influence the lives of individuals and entire communities. They determine access to opportunities, health, wealth, and even basic human needs, even though most problems have a spatial aspect. Just City expresses not only one’s right to urban life, but also the right to political space. It thus emphasises a greater deal of democratisation and participation to ensure justice even within a capitalist system.

The residents of one of the excluded localities in Ostrava (Jílová street) are currently facing involuntary multidimensional social exclusion, consisting in the marginalisation of individuals and entire groups, especially on the labour market, but also in their access to education, transport, health, and social care. The Jílová locality shows several material and geographical indicators related to spatial social exclusion, e.g., poor condition of housing stock, poor quality of living environment, lack of amenities and/or their poor quality, transport inaccessibility and isolation of the site, unfavourable or collapsing local labour market, above-average unemployment rate, crime, stigmatisation of the area and its residents, etc.

We are happy to announce and invite you, your students and other colleagues to participate in the Blended Intensive Programmes organized at the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava during autumn 2024. This year’s BIP programme title is „Just City“ concept on the example of a socially excluded locality in Ostrava. Your students will have the opportunity to engage in real-life problems, find creative solutions and gain relevant skills for their future. The programme of the BIP organized according to the Erasmus+ rules is a combination of physical mobility (5 days) and virtual activities awarding a minimum of 3 ECTS.
We kindly seek for your collaboration in encouraging your students/staff to participate and supporting them through Erasmus+ short-term mobility (you can cover the grants with Er+ or other funds). We will contact each potential participant directly and continue in further steps.
If you, your students and / or colleagues are interested in participating in this BIP programme. Let us know by 31 May 2024 through e-mail at or through this registration