BIP: Urban Commons and City Development

BIP: Urban Commons and City Development

4. January 2022 0 By Raul Gschrey

Erasmus+Blended Intensive Program, Helsinki, Spring 2022. “Urban Commons and City Development” is a multidisciplinary program of 3 ECTs including the fields of urban planning, urban governance, architecture, and civil engineering. The aim of the program is to explore, how principles of urban commons can be utilized in city development through real-life cases in different cultural settings. The program consists of two webinars and a commoning sprint week in Helsinki.

There are limited opportunities to participate, contact your local university. For Frankfurt see here.

Organizer: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Partners: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic; University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Urban Commons and City Development